ENG810-011 L. Janzen Section

The exhibitions here were produced by students in Professor Lorraine Janzen Kooistra’s section of ENG810, Advanced English Research Methods, in W2017. Each student’s exhibition presents original research and analysis of an issue of ACTIVE COMICS or DIME COMICS, produced in Toronto by Bell Features during World War II.

Active Comics

Superheroes Representing Canadian Identity through Active Comics #1

Vera Almeida

The Strange Villains of Active Comics #2

Dustin Brousseau

The Portrayal of Women in Active Comics no. 3

Olivia D’Agostino

The Enemy Are Our Heroes: The Enemies in Active Comics No. 4

Natasha Daley

The Representation of Heroes as Canadian Masculinity to Canadian Child Readers During World War II

Kristen Dewe

Pedagogy and Propaganda in Active Comics no. 7

Christine Dionio

Today’s Youth, Tomorrow’s Future: Children and Propaganda in Active Comics #9

Alexandrea Fiorante

What It Means To Be A Canadian Hero

Brittany Fontes

The Role of Women in the War in Active Comics #12

Alessia Franzone

Engaging Children in the War Effort through Active Comics #14

Marion Grant

Romanticizing the War For Children Through Active Comics #15

Leya Jasat

Dime Comics

The Active and Passive Woman in Dime Comics No. 2

Shae Loeffelholz

Canucks and Commies: Canadian Nationalism in Dime Comics No. 11

Maggie Ly

Racial Opposition In Dime Comics No. 15

Benson McDaniel

Japanese Representation as a Reflection of Canadian Culture in Dime Comics No.18

Graham Payne

Canadian Identity in Dime Comic #20

Kimia Rashidisisan


J. Suljic

Themes of the Representation of Violence and War through Canadian Identity and the Portrayal of the Axis Powers in Dime Comics Issue No. 22

Abigail Tamayo

Our Great Gendered Expectations: Dominant Masculinities in Dime Comics 23

Mariam Vakani

Post-War Women as Portrayed in Dime Comics #25

Julie Veitch